Monoblock Gear Clip™ - (1.50 Inch)

Black Swamp Leather Company LLC

Monoblock Gear Clip™ - (1.50 Inch)

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The Discreet Carry Concepts Monoblock belt clip is designed to be mounted directly to a holster/sheath surface. This belt clip attachment design allows for a very secure carry on belts, waistlines, or any attachment point where the spring steel clip tabs can be positioned securely. Each spring tab has an integrated security clutch to prevent it from easily becoming detached from the mounting point. The Monoblock clip comes in a standard DMG/Cu finish in dark matte grey and is non-reflective. It resists corrosion very well and can be buffed with most over-the-counter lubricants to remove surface blemishes and wear marks. This clip is a versatile and cost effective attachment solution that can be adapted to virtually any gun holster, knife sheath or carry item.

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