We thank you for purchasing our products and putting faith in what we do at Black Swamp Holsters. We do our very best to deliver the highest quality items so that you can enjoy them for as long as you possibly can. Unfortunately materials sometimes can give out unexpectedly under proper use and maintenance of the item and we understand that.

We want to make things right with our customers, build lasting relationships and fortify trust in our business. So we offer a lifetime limited warranty on all of our products. 

Black Swamp Holsters will repair or replace any item that is found to be defective. Once the item is received we will inspect the item and if the item is approved we will replace or fix any item. Please send the item with a return label (see return policy) to Black Swamp Holsters for review. If we can not repair it, we will replace it. 

We want to make sure you can have faith in our products and we will do everything we can to make sure your item lasts a lifetime. But abusing the item may result in a rejection of warranty. Please be sure to use our items as they are intended and take care of them. You have spent your hard earned money on them and we have spent our valuable time to build it for you. 

This warranty will be void if the item is sold or traded. We will require an email address or shipping address to ensure you have bought the item directly from us.

We love and appreciate our customers and we will do whatever we can to keep in good standing with you. 

Thanks again from Black Swamp Holsters. 




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