Dog Photo Contest


1) Take your time and snap a great picture of your dog. You’ll need as much light as possible because  you want everyone to see how amazing your dog is! Take a good clear picture, this step is important because it’s your dogs great looks and attitude that will get the votes and the winning dog is going to receive a really great prize so make it count!

2) Go to the Facebook “Dog Photo Contest” post on my business page, Black Swamp Leather Company. Post your photo in the comments and add the comment “vote for (your dogs name)” so everyone knows your dogs name!

3) Go the the Facebook “Dog Photo Contest” post on my business page, Black Swamp Leather Company,  and hit “like” and then share it to your personal page and tell your friends and family to vote for your dog.You need the most votes so tell everyone! If you post or share on a post someone else shared I won’t be able to keep track so post photo on and share the original post I made on my business page only.

- The winning prize is a valuable hand made Dog Walking Kit worth more that $175. So please follow all rules and have a great time with this contest-



In order for a vote to count a person HAS to like your photo on my original post. I will not be able to see all the votes unless they are on the original post on my business page.


-Winning Prize- 

The prize is a hand made Dog Walking Kit consisting of matching Harness, leash, poo bag holder and pouch. Valued at over $175.


Thank you and have fun!



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